Guidance and Mentoring

Artists are fueled by their surroundings, inspired by the people they meet and the experiences they have. Sometimes a mere conversation can be the seed for a masterpiece or a series of work. We, at Space 118 recognize this and actively facilitate conversations within the artists, with mentor artists, curators and an art appreciating audience. Space 118 serves as a cocoon for them, within which to create and emerge anew. But while ensconced here they also wish to foray outside into the stimulating city of Mumbai. We consider it our responsibility to inform them of    every art show in the city, any cultural activity taking place and so on. On a practical level, to ensure a comfortable and stress free stay on our grounds, we connect them to appropriate art supply vendors, printing and shipping facilities, restaurants and cafes, laundry service, medical stores etc. We provide each artist with a handbook that lists some of the best places to dine, visit and be inspired from.

Upon arrival the selected artists also have an icebreaker session wherein they are supposed to give a presentation on their work. This session aims at connecting these artists with their fellow practitioners to develop new possibilities of art making and build a network of support as well as a critically engaged audience.



Open Studio Day
Space118 becomes a lively dynamic ground for artists to share and showcase their ideas and research which they have developed during their time at our studios to friends, family, collectors, gallerists and the art fraternity at large. Open Studio Days are held every quarter of the year, usually at the end of their studio or residency period.



Visiting Mentors
To further the artist’s enrichment, we have devised Visiting Mentor Sessions where we invite distinguished artists, curators, and art historians from various fields of art practice as mentors. The purpose of these Mentor sessions is to primarily to guide young artists via one-on-one talks and interactive sessions. These intimate discussions provide a platform to receive valuable knowledge, guidance and sharing of experiences of our Mentors from their respective fields of expertise.


Open Call
Open Call is an extremely distinguished initiative practiced by studio spaces worldwide, offering artists a unique opportunity for a multicultural exchange program nationally and internationally. We have tied up for an Open Call Program with The Quebec Consulate- CALQ, Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, APT Institute, and Synergy Artist Network, and are looking to expand this reach to as many supporting cultural institutions.

Social Media
We provide information regarding our current and forthcoming artists, their practice, and other ongoing activities through our Facebook and Instagram accounts and a monthly newsletter. Through these platforms we are able to create awareness about our initiatives and engage with a global audience.


Apart from studio practice, we constantly provide creative stimulation and inspiration to artists at our space through various talks, workshops and events conducted by artists, writers, intellectuals and researchers in the field of visual art. Since June 2014, we have been organizing art related, skill based workshops for the public. Some of these include Raku and Obvara Pottery, Woodcut and Screen Printing, Metal Enamelling, Watercolour Painting, Basic and Advanced Photography, and Block Printing, amongst many others.