Space118 Fine Arts Grant

Space118 invites artists from all over India to apply for a production grant in the range of INR 15,000 to 1,00,000 towards the realisation of an ongoing or new project. The grant includes two online mentorship sessions with a senior artist and an online review session with the jury. Aside from the grant bursary and mentorship sessions, the grantees are given the opportunity to show their works through an ‘Online Open Studio day,’ which will be available across Space118’s social media platforms and website.

Space118 Fundraiser Shows

The Space118 Fundraiser show was started in an attempt to provide new generation artists a platform to showcase their works and help maximize their reach in the art world. This show takes place once in every year, where we present the works of upcoming 20 artists, belonging to different regions of the country. The artists receive 50% of the earnings from this show, while the remaining 50% goes towards the Space118 Fine Arts Grant.

Guidance and Mentoring
Artists are fueled by their surroundings, inspired by the people they meet and the experiences they have. Sometimes, a mere conversation can be the seed for a masterpiece or a series of work. We, at Space118 recognize this and actively facilitate conversations with mentors for our Grant artists in the form of Icebreaker and Mentorship sessions.

Social Media
We provide information regarding our current and forthcoming artists, their practice, and other ongoing activities through our Facebook and Instagram accounts and a monthly newsletter. Through these platforms we are able to create awareness about our initiatives and engage with a global audience through our Instatake over, Virtual Open studio day and other such online initiatives.