Vision & Mission

Our Vision
Space 118 aims to nurture the interdisciplinary impetus of global art practitioners through creative workshops and residencies for experimentation in the visual arts and art making in Bombay.

Our Mission
We provide the opportunity for artists to interact with a range of institutions (scientific, industrial and cultural) based in Mumbai or to simply use their studio term as a playful engagement with the city and its landscape in order to build a sustainable art ecosystem in India.

Our Values
• Experimentation
• Openness
• Experience
• Collaboration

To educate and to expose emerging visual arts practitioners on various art forms and practices

To provide opportunities to those who have limited access to multi-cultural exchange programs and aim to contribute towards their enrichment of the same. Giving priority to emerging artists and helping them find a solid yet sophisticated voice and molding them for life outside studio practice.

To build support structures (creative, curatorial & informative) for research, contemplative study, independent & collaborative projects and most importantly networking with fellow artists, enthusiasts and the art fraternity of Mumbai.

To facilitate mentorship and guidance programmes for the artists through our Visiting Mentors initiative.

To build awareness of artist studios and residency practice amongst the larger publics in India.