Al-Qawi Tazal Nanavati

Al-Qawi Tazal Nanavati

Al-Qawi Nanavati (b. 1995, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) graduated with a BFA

from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA, 2017.

Her works have been exhibited in solo and group shows at the Peggy Notebaert Museum, Chicago (2016), the Union Arts Club, Chicago (2017), the Jubilee Arts Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (2018), the Arc Gallery, Chicago, USA (2018), the Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai, India (2019), etc. Additionally, she has taught at the Metropolitan Schoolhouse Chicago, the Project Art teaching Artist Residency, Chicago, and has been a resident at the Space118 Studios in Mumbai.

Al-Qawi’s work explores ideas of repetition in meditation and its effects on one’s mind along with loss and the mammoth-sized pit it leaves behind. Her mother’s passing away has been at the center of her art practice since 2018 and it has resulted in her inventing a language to speak to her late mother and works that explore the same in forms of letters and other objects made using her mother’s things.

Al-Qawi lives and works in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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