Amba Sayal Bennett

Amba Sayal Bennett

Amba Sayal-Bennett (b.1991, London, United Kingdom) received her BFA from Oxford University and her MA in The History of Art from The Courtauld Institute. She was awarded her PhD in Art Practice and Learning from Goldsmiths and has published her practice-based research with Tate Papers.

Her solo exhibitions include Lundgren Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (2014, 2016); Yve Yang Gallery, Boston (2016); Carbon 12, Dubai (2017); Carbon12, Dubai (2019); indigo+madder, London (2020). Her group exhibitions include Schimmel Projects Art Centre, Dresden (2018); Athr Gallery, Jeddah (2018); Exhibit 320, New Delhi (2018); Lundgren Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (2018); Kate Werble Gallery, New York (2018); TOMA, Southend (2019); Collective Ending, London (2019); José de la Fuente, Santander (2019); indigo+madder, London (2019); The Koppel Project Central, London (2019); The Future, Galleri 21, Malmö (2019) Brunel Museum, London (2019).

Amba Sayal-Bennett presents a new series of works on paper. The machinic forms explore drawing as an apparatus of production: its form-building capacity. Taking pleasure in the virtual, she investigates the emergence of form through the inherent incompleteness of drawing. As an opening up or sketching out, drawing is always directed towards the future. Available for interpretation and re-translation, the works connect to what they are not in order to maximise themselves. They are polyvocal, promiscuously evoking many references whilst resisting being fixed to one. The outlines are not preconceived by the artist but arise through her coupling with material devices: stencils, paper and pens. Like following a thread in the dark, she explores how drawing is a process of unveiling- not of what was there before, but that which emerges from the encounter.

Amba lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

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