Amjum Rizve

Amjum Rizve

Storyteller, 2023
Beads and textile colours on Canvas
24 × 20 Inches
Untitled-2, 2023
Beads Embroidered on Cloth
48 × 36 Inches
Untitled-1, 2022
Beads on Canvas
24 × 20 Inches

Amjum Rizve (b. 1992, Kannur, Kerala, India) completed his BFA from Trivandrum Fine Arts College, Trivandrum (2013) and MVA in Painting at Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts, Mysore (2018). He has participated in various group shows across India including at Gallery Veda, Chennai (2015); Durbar Hall Art Gallery, Ernakulam (2018); MNF Museum, Ernakulam (2019); BC Gallery, Kochi (2019);  Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kochi (2021-22); Apparao Gallery, Chennai (2022); and Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad (2022).

Additionally, he is the recipient of HRD Ministry of Culture Young Artist Scholarships, 2017 and Kerala Diamond Jubilee Fellowship, 2019-20.

Amjum’s work is influenced by eternal life experiences. His collection of work is built on experimentation and media collaborations, which enable him to produce surreal settings in his pieces. His perception of colour and vision is influenced by his awareness of artificial intelligence and futuristic imagery. He works with the mythical world through enchanting details and abstraction, demonstrating  an electrifying synthesis of decorative art and contemporary landscape paintings. The excessive impact of western and Indian art sources on Rizve’s own visual propaganda creates a dream world artistically transcribing various visual emotions.

Rizve’s hybrid artwork is influenced by Islamic decorative art, mosaics, and Japanese landscape influences. The artist’s own creative process informs the visual harmony of his artworks. This involves layering materials like wood, cloth, and canvases, shaping them with a porcupine quill, and adding finishing touches like glitter, beads, and paint. Having taken months to complete, the finished artwork resembles the artists unwavering dedication to innovation. Additionally, much of the hidden imagery is relevant  to the present political climate and is well-balanced with it.

Amjum lives and works in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.