FAQs 23-24

Frequently Asked Questions:

Space118 Fine Arts Grant: 2023-24

  1. How do I apply for the Space118 Fine Arts Grant?
    You can apply by filling out the application form through the link mentioned here:
    Application Form, 2023-24 submitting your resume with your portfolio, including
    work from the last 5 years. Please do not email us your application with images.
    Any email applications won’t be accepted.

  2. Till when can I apply?
    The deadline for submitting the application for the Space118 Fine Arts Grant is
    10th April 2023.

  3. Who can apply?
    An Indian artist under the age of 40 (born after 10th April 1983). If you have been
    a Space118 artist in the past, you can apply and if you have applied previously for a
    Space118 grant, you can still apply again.

  4. Can I apply for more than one project? Is it best to submit different applications for
    each project?

    No, you can only apply for one project or one proposal at a time, if you have two
    projects in mind, submit both in the same application form.

  5. Where can I send my application?
    The link for the application is ‘Space118 Fine Arts Grant 2023-24’.

  6. What will be the selection process?
    The grantee will be selected by a Jury panel that comprises of eminent members
    of the art community.

  7. Is there an application fee?
    There is no cost for applying for the Space118 Fine Arts Grant.

  8. Are Indian artists abroad or international artists allowed to apply?
    No, only Indian residents with a valid Indian passport and residing in the country
    are allowed to apply for the Space118 Fine Arts Grant.

  9. Is there age eligibility or limit for applying?
    Only artists below the age of 40 can apply for the Space118 Fine Arts Grant. We are
    encouraging artists who have spent the early part of their life dedicated to the
    arts, to not move away from it and keep on practicing the medium.

  10. Are there any other costs to be directly handed over to Space118?
    No, there is nothing to be paid by the artists before or after accepting the grant.

  1. Will I be required to give artwork in return to Space118?
    No, you are not required to give us any of your work in return. If you still wish to
    donate work to Space118, that’s totally up to you. But it is not mandatory.

  2. What will be the grant amount?
    The grant amount should be proposed by the applicant (between Rs.15,000-
    Rs1,00,000) in their application form, according to their requirement. We will
    announce the grant amount after the grantees have been selected by the Jury.

  3. How much grant amount should I apply for?
    You may apply for a grant amount between Rs.15,000-Rs.1,00,000, with a project
    proposal and budget break-down. Please make sure the bursary amount may only
    be used towards the production cost of the work and for any other miscellaneous
    expenses. Please only ask for the amount you really need.

  4. What should the budget encompass? Can I get an example of how to fill in the
    Timeline and the Budget break-down section in the application form?
    The budget should encompass all the expenses you think you will be making directly towards the production of the work.
    Here is a simple example:
    Timeline and Budget Break-down: For a series of three paintings, oil on canvas.
    Sep-Oct: Buying Stretchers/ Canvas, Winsor and Newton Oil Paints, brushes, pencils, charcoal, oil, turpentine, wooden palette, oil paper. Researching, making preparatory sketches on paper, small canvases. Starting work on the final canvas. (Rs XXXXX)

    Oct-Dec: Researching, working on the painting – closer to its final form. (no direct expenses)

    Dec-Mar: Final layers to finish the painting, mounting relevant sketches, framing of the works. (Rs XXXX)

    Total Proposed Amount: Rs XXXX

  1. Do I need to have a specific project in mind?
    Yes, a proposal explaining what you will be working on during the grant period has
    to be submitted along with the application form. Many a times, it could mean
    continuing your current practice, please mention the same.

  2. Can the project I propose be the completion of a project that is currently
    Absolutely, you could propose the completion of a project that is underway. But
    make sure the grant amount should only be used to cover expenses during the
    current timeline proposed by you, and not for expenditures that you may have
    made in the past.

  3. Can I suggest a Mentor?
    Yes, you may suggest, but the final call will be taken by the Jury members
    according to who they feel is suitable for you.

  4. Will the Mentorship sessions be one-on-one? How long will each session be?
    Yes, there will be two Mentorship sessions and both will be one-on-one (online);
    with each session being one hour long.

  5. What will be the dates of the Mentorship sessions?
    The dates of the Mentorship sessions will be decided in advance, taking into
    account your and the Mentor’s availability. Once confirmed, the dates will not be
    changed unless the Mentor changes the date.

  6. Can the Mentorship sessions be recorded?
    The Mentorship sessions may be recorded for you to revisit them later, as long as
    the Mentor is comfortable with the same. It depends on a case to case basis and
    we need to take their permission before the recording.

  7. What if I am unable to photograph my works for the Mentorship sessions?
    It is completely alright to take the Mentors through your work in progress in your
    studio through a video. It is also something you must discuss with your Mentor in
    advance over email.

  8. What if I wish to conduct my Mentorship session in person?
    If you choose to meet with your Mentor in person, please make sure that you
    document your session together. Your travel costs won’t be covered by Space118
    for the same.

  9. What if I am lagging behind, and not able to complete my work as per the
    proposed timeline?

    In such a case, please make sure you inform your program manager about the
    same during the review sessions. However, the grant period/timelines don’t
    change, as all other grantees are following the same timeline.

  10. Will there be a physical exhibition of my works, and do I need to be in Mumbai for
    the Open Studio Day?

    No, there will be no physical exhibition of your works but an online one on the
    scheduled Instalive Open Studio Day, which will happen on Instagram and
    Facebook. The format for it will be discussed with you. Hence, you need not be in
    Mumbai for the same. Your attendance for this is mandatory. It is also essential to
    be in a good wifi network area for the same.

  11. What if I can’t attend the Jury Review meet?
    The Jury Review meeting is the most essential part of the grant, the attendance for
    the same is mandatory. It is also essential to be in a good wifi network area for the

  12. Am I eligible for a stay at Space118 Studios if I am travelling to Mumbai during the
    grant period?

    Sorry, Space118 Studios does not provide any , and the grant does not entail any
    travel/accommodation expenses either.

  13. I have my two references; do I need to get letters of recommendation from them?
    No, letters of recommendation are not required.

  14. Who does one select, as a referee, for the application? Is it mandatory to have a

    Yes, it is mandatory to have 2 referee names on your application form. An ideal
    referee would be someone from your area of speciality and/ or a prominent figure
    who knows your work well and has engaged with it for a decent period of time. It
    could be your Professor, Curator, Artist, or anyone from the field of arts.

  15. I have just joined a gallery OR I have been with a gallery for the past 2 years, can I
    still apply for the grant?

    Yes, if you have joined a gallery recently OR if you have joined 2 years before the
    final date of submission, you can still apply for the grant.

  16. What will be the system of releasing the grant towards the applicant? How many
    phases (if any)?

    During the proposed time period of the project by the applicant, the grant amount
    will be released in between 2-4 phases, depending on the nature of the work and
    the Jury’s recommendation.

  17. Is the project supposed to be exclusive? Can the applicant rebuild a project that
    has already been exhibited before in another gallery space?
    Yes, the project has to be exclusive. Although, if the applicant has already
    produced the project in the past and wishes to create another series for the same
    project, they are allowed to do so with a detailed description of the same.

  18. If the applicant decides to terminate the project midway due to certain
    circumstances, what are the repercussions of the same?
    Once the applicant has accepted the grant formally by signing the acceptance
    letter, the applicant has to comply with the grant’s terms and conditions and
    Space118’s guidelines.

  19. How can I contact Space 118?
    If you have any other questions, please email us at space118grant@gmail.com.