Please refer to this list of frequently asked questions prior to contacting us. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

1: How do I apply to the Artist Residency Program or Studio Practice?
A: To apply for the artist studio and residency space please submit the following materials via email to space118studios@gmail.com
-Curriculum vitae
-Work samples (digital files, pdfs, and website links are appropriate)

2. How far in advance do I need to apply?
A: Generally, the studios start getting booked from anything between six months to a year in advance of an artist’s arrival. It is advisable to apply atleast 3-6 months in advance to be assured of a studio/residency of your choice.

3: How long is the studio given out to the artist?
A: Studios are given out to the artists for a duration of one month at the most. If you have special concerns or scheduling needs, please share them in your application.

4: How long is each residency?
A: Residencies are offered only for one month and on an invitation basis only.

5: Is this a live-in residency?
A: Yes, the artist would be living in the Studio itself; we do not have any separate accommodation.

6: Who can apply?
A: Visual artists, photographers, graphic designers, curators, documentary filmmakers, etc.., and those working in related arts fields.

7: I’m a creative writer (poet, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, etc.), and I’m working on a book.  Can I apply to the Space118?
A: Yes, you can. Though the residency/studio space is geared primarily toward artists and arts writers, we also encourage new and experimental approaches to creative writing in the arts.

8: Are international artists allowed to apply?
A: Yes! Space118 encourages national and international residencies. We are particularly interested in building links with professional artists and organizations that engage in context based, participatory arts practice, and who are pushing the boundaries in terms of innovative and meaningful engagement with communities.

9: Is there an age eligibility or limit for applying?
A: No, there are no age restrictions. The studio practice is meant to support art practitioners who are willing to engage with new cultures.

10: What role does my profile play in selection?
A: We will look to your profile to see your art and writing as evidence of what you are capable of doing during the residency. The quality of your work on your profile as well as the quality of your profile will be taken into consideration.

11: What is the cost of the residency?
A: Please email space118studios@gmail.com for further information on the studio costs.

12: Are there any other costs to be directly handed over to Space18?
A: There are no other costs from our side, apart from the rental cost mentioned above.

13: Once booked, can the dates be changed?
A: The dates are not flexible; as studios get booked well in advance, the artist reserves the studios according to his/her convenience. So it is difficult to adjust the schedule later. Please think through the dates and then apply.

14: Will a tax receipt be given for the rent?
A: Yes, we will give you an invoice for your rental amount paid to us.

15: Do I need to have a specific project in mind?
A: A specific project is not required but we would like to see an outline/general plan of your ideas and intentions. While preference will be given to those who have proven experience in their artistic fields, we also are willing to consider proposals from enthusiastic, creative types who will undertake original works during their stay.

16: Can the project I propose be the completion of a project that is currently underway?
A: Absolutely. The proposed project could be used to further an existing project or a work in progress (e.g. a book, a photo series) or to bring a current project to a close as the duration of the residency is only one month.

17: I have my two references; do I need to get letters of recommendation from them?
A: No, letters of recommendation are not required.

18: Who does one select, as a referee, for the application?
A: An ideal referee would be someone from your area of specialty and/ or a prominent figure who knows your work well and has engaged with it. It could be your Professor, Curator, Artist, or anyone from the field of arts.

19: Would my partner be able to share a week or two of the residency with me as we are travelling together? Are family, children and friends allowed to occupy the room with the artist during their residency tenure?
A: Artists and their visitors are required to sign the attendance register every day. No overnight stays by visitors are allowed at the studios or in any part of the warehouse premises. The residency is for artists who have applied only. Their families, spouses or children are not permitted to stay on the premises.

20: Are the studios/residencies accessible for disabled artists?
A: If you have special needs, do not hesitate to write to us and seek for any information or clarifications.

21: Is there internet access?
A:Yes, we have WI-FI, that is accessible from all studios.

22: Where can I find your bank details to make the payment?
A: Please check on our website – in the “Apply” section under Modes of Payment.

23: How do I transfer funds from my Foreign Currency Account?
A: Space118 has four accounts for its business transactions, a Canadian Dollar account, a US Dollar account, a Euro account and an Indian account. For example: If you are transferring from a Canadian Dollar account, please transfer to our Canadian Dollar account. For details please check the ‘Modes of Payment section.

24: How can I contact the residency?
A: With other questions, please email us at space118studios@gmail.com or call us on +91 9820098755.