Tips on Residency Application

Terms and Conditions of Kooshk Residency


Kooshk residency is a cultural and arts space in Tehran, which was founded in 2014. Kooshk tries to provide a convenient space for artists, curators, researchers, writers and filmmakers to encourage intercultural dialogues and art creation in order to provide an alternative space for experimentation and exchange within contemporary art practice. By collaborating in international exchange programs with worldwide cultural institutes, Kooshk strives to contribute to development of Iranian art and culture.

We aim through our programming to assist and develop forms of art such as media art, performance, video installation, sound art and other experimental methods of cultural production. As a not-for-profit organization, Kooshk sees its programs as a space where artists can develop their practices and the residency is considered as a non-commercial program with no intention of financial benefit.


What Kooshk Residency provides


  1. Facilities and Accommodation:

Kooshk building is consisted of two floors. On the first floor a living room and a small library is available for artists to socialize with each other, listen to music, watch movies and in case invite their artist guests and curators to talk about their work. There is also a well-equipped shared kitchen for them to enjoy cooking for themselves and for the group. On the second floor there are two double rooms with appropriate amenities to share, one single room and a shared bathroom and toilet. Free Wi-Fi, washing machine and drying machine is also at hand. Kooshk also has a shared and two private studio rooms in a separate building nearby in which artists can spend their day working and studying. They can find a beautiful bookstore and a nice cafe in the building that helps them with their possible needs. Kooshk Residency has considerable number of partners who can offer space and other facilities due to necessities of any program such as workshops, lectures, movie screening, music playing, etc.


  1. Assistance:

Kooshk tries to facilitate project’s development artists have in mind as far as we are able, however, please note that Kooshk has a few staff and we hope that artists will lead all matters of production themselves. Visiting artists are expected to be self-sufficient but our program coordinator can help them by finding materials & equipment, information on galleries & sites of interest and in answering any queries.

If you would like to work on a particular project with a particular community or require information about any specific facilities such as editing studios, photography labs, etc, you will need to inform us as soon as possible prior to the open studio event and we will try our best. In order to facilitate developing ideas and research process, Kooshk provides a network of contacts for its resident artists to foster their research and introduce them to the local art scene.


  1. Talk Sessions:

During the first week of the residency, Kooshk arranges private talk sessions for the residency participants to help them introduce themselves to the public and communicate with other professionals in the field. We usually expect artists to talk about their previous works and the project they are planning to do during the residency if they are interested or if them need volunteers to help them to realize their project.


  1. Open Studio:

During a one-day presentation at the studio, artists are expected to share the project/s they have done during the one-month residency with the public. Kooshk team will provide the artist with curatorial and technical support on production for the open studio day. However, any peripheral arrangements for the “open studio” must be informed beforehand if any assistance from Kooshk is required.


  1. In order to facilitate your fundraising process, Kooshk is able to provide artists with an Introductory letter.


  1. Regarding the visa process, Kooshk can help artists (if they want) obtain the visa reference number before they travel to Iran (which means they will have the visa). However, we cannot guarantee that artist’s request for visa be approved. It is not possible for Kooshk to provide invitation letter for visa matters.


What Kooshk Residency does not provide

  • Travel and transportation expenses
    Living costs
  • Insurance of any kind
  • Art materials and supplies
  • Other miscellaneous expenses


Expectations from the Artists

  1. Outreach:

You will be requested to give an informal presentation / talk about your work to Kooshk artists and other interested people within the first week of your residency. A poster and an e-invitation will be designed and people will be invited. You need to prepare your files and images (or videos) prior to the event. Someone from our volunteer team will help you with your presentation and translation.


  1. Showing work at the end of your residency:

Your residency will formally end in an ‘open studio’ where you will be able to show you works and ideas as the result of your one-month residency. It is mandatory for the artist to present work done during the residency at the open studio day which is usually held on the last Friday of the month.


  1. Artists shall promise not to pass the red lines of Iran’s law in the subject and presentation of their work. (Nudography, religion-based and some political issues)


  1. Artists must inform the staff in case of any leave or absence during the residency. Any travel plans during the residency period needs to be confirmed and checked with staff of Kooshk in advance. We can help you organize your trips, buy tickets and reserve accommodation. Please note that you need to stay at least 2/3 of your residency time in Tehran before your open studio. (Exceptions can be made in different cases)


  1. In exchange for time spent at Kooshk, artists are asked to help promote the organization by acknowledging Kooshk when the work/s they make here is exhibited or published. For all such matters they are asked to include Kooshk’s logo in related documents and announcements.


  1. Copyright:Kooshk promises that while addressing, all works commenced or completed by resident artists during residency will be mentioned as the courtesy of the artist. Kooshk shall not have a copyright or intellectual property claim to works except for the purposes of reporting, documenting and promoting the Kooshk Residency programs.


  1. Resident artists should inform Kooshk in case of any collaboration they may commence or complete with other organizations rather than Kooshk during their residency. Artists are also asked to use Koosh’s logo and title in association with any works they do anywhere during their residency at Kooshk.


  1. Required documents:Visiting artists are required to submit a report of their residency experience at Kooshk, in about 1000 words (minimum) describing the original objective(s) of the residency, the activities undertaken, and the achievements of the residency. The report must be submitted no later than 1 weeks after the residency ends.


(a) Report details:

  • Objectives: an in depth artist’s statement about the practice undertaken during the residency.
  • Activities: a description of the involvement of the artist with members of the host institution, and vice-versa.
  • Conclusions and achievements: extent to which the residency was successful, contribution of work to theoretical and/or practical knowledge, significance for the artist and the institution, personal evaluation of outcome, including unsuccessful as well as successful elements, contribution to the artist’s development.
  • Publications and dissemination: Please do send us samples of any publicity that may result as a consequence of the residency. In addition, do keep us posted on projects that may develop out of or link to the work done during the Kooshk Residency.
  • The artist’s future plans.



Photographic/video or other documentation of some of the works arising from the residency, which may be freely reproduced by Kooshk in any reports or promotional material relating to the Kooshk Residency programme.


  1. Transporting artworks at the end of residency:

This is the artist’s responsibility and should be considered in the overall budget requirements if you wish to return your work home or send it elsewhere.  We recommend that you research costs and means of transporting work prior to your arrival.


  1. Kooshk organizes regular fundraising activities that are intended to help support our activities and programs. Towards this end we would be delighted if you could bring/leave an artwork of yours for Kooshk’s collection. This is NOT mandatory and is left entirely to the artist.


  To access the application form Click Here. 




The listing below has specific dos and don’ts for artists applying for studio/residencies, which are immensely useful to artists who are either at a loss when it comes to writing out their applications or whose proposals get mired with too much unnecessary information.

Do not include photographs of yourself — they are not relevant to your artwork.

Do not send jpegs over 1mb in size. For residencies, the selection committee wants to see your work and large files are difficult to download.

Do not send in art critics; curator’s or gallerist’s writings about you as artist statements — we want to hear your voice, not someone else’s.

Do not have someone else write your application — it is very obvious when that happens. If English is difficult for you, ask someone to proof read it.

Do not reformat the application forms with different fonts and colors — it is distracting.

Do answer questions on the application directly and honestly. Think about what the institution has to gain from YOU, not just what you can gain from them- very important point.

Do think of the logistics of the residency. If a residency is only one month long, it will be difficult to create certain kinds of works, so do not propose those in your application.

Always send in captions of your work in a separate document. If you send in individual images, number each image and each caption to make it easier for the panel to connect them.

Send in your application form and deposit well in advance in order to secure your studio and avoid last minute delays and inconvenience.