Space118 Fine Art Grant 22-23

Space118 Fine Art Grant: 2022-23

If you are a visual artist and have a project that needs the stimulus of funds or any financial assistance that will help you continue or initiate, please read on! 

Space118 invites applications from artists all across India for a production grant of INR 15,000/- to 1,00,000/- towards the realization of an ongoing or a newly conceived project. The grant also entails two online mentorship sessions (plus a review session) with a senior or mid-career artist who the jury deems suitable for them. Apart from the grant bursary and the mentorship sessions, the recipients also get to exhibit their work through a vibrant ‘Virtual Open Studio day’ that will be available to access on Space118`s social media handles – Facebook and Instagram.

Grant Amount: Grant amounts awarded will be between INR 15,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/-.  Both individual artists and artist groups can apply; however, the grant amount is the same for groups as for individuals. The proposed budget will not be considered final until vetted by the Jury and Space118 in consultation with the selected grantee before the commencement of the grant.

About Space 118:

Founded in 2009, Space118 aims to educate and expose emerging visual arts practitioners on various art forms, provide opportunities to those who have limited access to inter-disciplinary exchange programs, and contribute towards their enrichment. Aimed at nurturing the multidimensional impetus of global art practitioners through creative workshops and residencies for experimentation in the visual arts and art-making in Mumbai; until 2019, we were providing artist studios and residencies in the heart of the city, on a short-term basis as a part of our commitment to supporting emerging art practitioners from all parts of the country and the world. 

Owing to the pandemic and keeping up with the changing times, we are now a Grant-Making Organisation, still fervently motivated to provide opportunities for emerging artists!  

The Grant includes: 

  • Production grant ranging from INR 15,000-1,00,000 (As per what is proposed by the applicant/s and later finalised by the Jury)
  • Two online sessions (one hour each) with a mentor and one final review session with the Jury over Zoom or Google Meet 
  • Regular updates on art and cultural events across India via whatsapp and email.
  • Virtual Open Studio day on Zoom Webinar or Insta-Live.
  • Social media posts and mentions on Space 118`s social media account handles.

The Grant does not include:  

  • Art materials and supplies
  • Travel and Accommodation
  • Other miscellaneous expenses 


  1. The grantee/s is expected to present their work to the jury towards the end of the project timeline proposed by them. 
  2. A virtual display of works on Open Studio Day over Zoom or Google Meet.

Important Dates:

Announcement of the Space118 Fine Art Grant: 2021-22: May 2022

Deadline for applying: June 2022

Interview of the Shortlisted Applicants: Applicants will be called for an interview over Zoom/ Google Meet for further selection from the shortlisted applicants and a decision for selected applications will be made in liaison with an invited jury panel.

Announcement of the Winner: The Grantees will be announced in September / October 2022. All notifications will be provided electronically by email and social media.

Requirements for applicants

  • There is no application fee.
  • The grant is open to all visual artists, irrespective of medium of practice. 
  • Only Indian Resident Nationals will be accepted. Overseas Citizens of India and Non-Indian Residents are not eligible. 
  • The applicant/s must have received a B.F.A. degree or higher prior to applying. 
  • The applicant/s must be under the age of 40 years. (born after 1st July 1981)
  • All previous Space118 artists as well as artists represented by galleries are eligible to apply for the grant. 
  • All artworks must be original and developed in the last 5 years. 
  • The grant amount must be used to cover the artist’s/s’ direct costs towards the production and art material only.
  • The applicant/s may or may not be a part of a gallery, their applications will be considered irrespective of that.

Where to apply? 

The Application Form will be released on this page by May so keep a lookout! To get an idea on what the application form will look like, you can take a look at the previous year’s Application Form here

You can view the work of the Space118 Fine Art 19-20 Grantee on the website link here, and a video on our previous Space118 Contemporaries 2020 grantees’ works here.

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. The recipient/s will accept the grant by formally signing an agreement with Space118 as a confirmation.
  1. At any time, after an application/s is accepted or after the Grant has been awarded to an applicant/s, if a majority of the jury determines that the application did not comply with the conditions of application or eligibility, the grant may be withdrawn from the artist/s.
  1. Once the artist/s accepts the grant, he/she/they cannot withdraw their acceptance and will have to comply with the schedule provided by Space118.
  1. This production grant will be only provided for work developed by the artists during the timeline proposed by them not before or after it.
  1. All future exhibitions, photographic print or electronic reproduction of the work produced during the grant timeline should acknowledge Space118 with the following credit line: Supported by Space 118 Fine Art Grant in the future.
  1. Space118 reserves the right to withdraw the grant in the following cases:

a. The information provided by the artist is incorrect.

b. If there is any misbehavior or bad conduct and/ or unprofessional attitude with any of the jury members or the administrative staff of Space118.

  1. Incomplete submissions and non-working links will not be considered. 
  1. Please note that all grant activities will be done digitally and not at the Space 118 Studios in Mumbai.
  1. In case of any queries or issues with the form, please check out our FAQs or write to us at