Fall City, Washington, USA

About the Artist

Patricia Fels holds a BA in Architecture from University of California, Berkeley. Ms. Fels, founder and principal architect of PTF Architects, has over thirty years of experience as an architect. The focus of her firm is establishing a strong response to place. From sensitive site design to new construction, renovation, and historic preservation the goal is to conserve and enrich the character of unique environments. The firm has three decades of experience in successfully completing projects throughout the West. Besides her architecture work Patricia writes extensively about cities and change. Articles published in local, national and international journals have discussed the value of vernacular buildings and the importance of maintaining city centers.

Patricia Tusa Fels is an architect and historic preservationist. She has worked with multi-ethnic communities in Malaysia and India, examining and championing the unique vernacular architecture created in the trading communities.  In the historic old center of Penang, she spent two years working with the municipal government to document the old city and create conservation guidelines.  UNESCO has now recognized Penang with World Heritage status. The Ford Foundation sponsored her project in India which resulted in publication of Mosques of Cochin.

During her time at Space 118, she is completing a 2nd book about the tropical mosques of the Malabar Coast, Indonesia and Malaysia.  She was the guest speaker for a workshop on conservation in Calicut.