Pre Inflict phase 35

A certain verbal threat, “Khal  khiche nebo”, insinuates peeling of the skin by flogging shadowed by an entire history of acts of penalty that reaches deep into the memory of hierarchic violence. 

Mithun Das explains his installation, “The works ideated

Vegetable Scrap

Snigdha`s practice engages with her immediate surroundings. Starting with the idea of ‘being in space’, what has charged her work extensively is the domestic space.

The place for the happiest conversations is the kitchen. This is where we think about …

Liberty 69

This painting stands as a visual witness to the wants of women. In a society driven by patriarchy – it is the companionship between women that holds most importance. The essence of freedom comes from within; rather than extended from …


Aneri’s artwork explains that though the strokes in artwork are dynamic, all the attention goes to the negative space that is untouched and unaffected. The contrasting elements of dynamism and stillness create balance and harmony. On a higher level it …

You, Me, Aur Kaa- Series 2, #2

Pinaki works with mixed media and experiments with materials to create a juxtaposition of prints and drawings. He believes that his work is not only about the relationship of the elements he uses, rather a social responsibility towards the people,