Missing Memories 1-3

In our daily routine life, when we pass by the same people while travelling on certain routes, we may recall their faces as familiar; however one does not actually know who they are or what their names are. The ‘Missing

Beehive 36

Rahul’s work documents missing memories, alcoves, beehives and portraits. His work investigates the connection between past and future events through their own individual patterns of movement, or orbits.

Naked Man Series 2

Danika’s work probes at the intersection of the interesting and the mundane, the shocking and the acceptable. They are all charged by spontaneity in conception and design. “I woke up and saw this naked man sleeping on the mattress… He …

Time and Again

A visual storyteller, Niyati weaves together narratives of contemporary urban street culture; her various subjects include the monsoons, the scrap market in Bengaluru, and ear cleaners on the streets of Mumbai. Her series of ten drawings speaks of time and