Untitled 2

For artist Renu Redhu, art is a form of sublime mystery – contemplated and expressed through colour. Spontaneity is reflected intricately in her texture of art. The vivid use of subtle colour and her indigenous artistic intuition amplify the strokes …


Ritu’s artwork depicts that everyone has dreams and they are an endless process.  The dreams in her paintings are about materialistic thoughts through which she developed the concept behind her works. Her artworks take a conceptual and a critical view …

Untitled #6

Vilas’ paintings are a reflection of his imaginary world and its unique tales, reflecting an abstract non-linear space. Each layer is created by capturing the essence of the present moment, yet it fades in the background underneath newer layers in

Studio Light

‘Studio Light’ blends together expressive lines, broken strokes and vivid clashing hues, resulting in a lively observational piece.