Split is about the many different layers and levels of socio-political, psychological, physical and emotional make up of a city. Through this work, the urban system on which a place and its people thrive is expressed by a tactile and …


Ritu’s artwork depicts that everyone has dreams and they are an endless process.  The dreams in her paintings are about materialistic thoughts through which she developed the concept behind her works. Her artworks take a conceptual and a critical view …


Aditi’s artwork depicts the struggle a bird goes through in the in the city of Mumbai. Her paintings portray the natural habitat of a bird being destroyed by the fast and rapid growing metropolitan. The bird is searching for the …

Foot Fall 2

‘Foot Fall 1 & 2’ are based upon the belief that all mental patterns are expressed through the movement of a body, and these moving patterns possess a unique individual consciousness. The mind and body do not have definite or

Salaam Bombay 1

Rout has re-interpreted the Ganjapas (hand painted playing cards from his home state Odisha based on mythological figures), and the city of Mumbai, with his first hand experience as against the preconceived idea of the city through Bollywood. Using the

Melon Centric

The circular composition of the work “Melon Centric” is driven by a meditative approach to a mundane object, such as a piece of fruit. Although not directly indicated in the work, the exterior forces of nature are an important element

Debris by the Sea

The “Untitled” work, part of the series “Items of Reuse”, is based on the gunny bags used in the artist’s native city of Karachi. These textile sacks cannot be associated with their primary use in carrying rice or other dry


The work “Engaged” represents the technological advancement of modern times along with people’s attachment to technology and tools. The work depicts the condition of human beings who, engrossed with technological advancements, start behaving like machines themselves.