Local Art by Local Artist in Local Land

Rashmi works with paint and photo media and her work is best seen in the context of her experience of socio-cultural ritualistic belief systems in rural India. She uses her work to respond to personal socio-political concerns, whether constrained by

Chai Man

The painting “Roof Sleepers” was inspired by the tea (chai) stall in Colaba opposite Regal Cinema, from where the artist bought her chai every morning. It surprised her that after more than a week of going to the stall for

Horses of Hunger

The painting “Horses of Hunger” was inspired by a boy of about 8 years of age who was sitting outside Indigo Cafe in Colaba. The boy was sitting cross- legged and facing the restaurant, selling small purple plastic horses while

Time and Again

A visual storyteller, Niyati weaves together narratives of contemporary urban street culture; her various subjects include the monsoons, the scrap market in Bengaluru, and ear cleaners on the streets of Mumbai. Her series of ten drawings speaks of time and

The Cloud to My Silver Lining

Khemka’s work represents the contemporary society but in a tongue-in-cheek manner, by drawing comparisons of the current capitalist kingdom with monarchic kingdoms of the medieval ages. Her paintings are a mockery on several advertisements that were released in Mumbai, eliciting

Variable Dimensions

Juhee’s passion for discovering new geometrical forms in nature and their correlation with dance movements helps her explore the medium of paper and wood which is used in her art and installations.…