Pre Inflict phase 35

A certain verbal threat, “Khal  khiche nebo”, insinuates peeling of the skin by flogging shadowed by an entire history of acts of penalty that reaches deep into the memory of hierarchic violence. 

Mithun Das explains his installation, “The works ideated

Debris by the Sea

The “Untitled” work, part of the series “Items of Reuse”, is based on the gunny bags used in the artist’s native city of Karachi. These textile sacks cannot be associated with their primary use in carrying rice or other dry


The work “Engaged” represents the technological advancement of modern times along with people’s attachment to technology and tools. The work depicts the condition of human beings who, engrossed with technological advancements, start behaving like machines themselves.

Good Morning #1 – #4

Mayadhara’s work is a part of the series ‘Village Tales”, which comprises of narratives of the artist’s native place woven into a nostalgic backdrop.

Nobody Writes to the Colonel

The work “No One Writes to the Colonel”, inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel by the same title, is an effort to capture the void that engulfed the old Colonel in the book. The work is also an attempt to

Wish Tree

Nikhil and Sonal’s installation piece “Wish Tree” is made out of junk cycle parts, objects which had once completely lost its momentum but is now back in motion in a new form. The piece aims to capture the continuous motion …


The ‘Varna’ stack, in the form of a DNA double helix, was created in Ahmedabad and represents skin colours of select residents of the Dahlni Pol area of the city. The work questions the need for any hierarchy relating to

A Dictionary of an Empty Belly

Chandrakanth’s recent works are installations in mixed media which highlight the question of migration for sustenance. His works are executed using found objects from canteens and restaurants. The installation aims to probe the audience to think about the issue of