A Reminiscence

Silky’s artwork “A Reminiscence” is the title given to her sculptures of varied sizes of Cows, which have a delightful expression, and the serene ivory white colour holds a significance of calmness and peacefulness, being the nature of the cow. …

A Chapter

Silky expresses that the relating events from life to the built and natural environments around her are a constant non-deliberate process for her. With a prominent change in life, the falling of a leaf was synonymous and the understanding of …

A Reminiscence

Silky’s artworks “A Reminiscence” are a cluster of 7 cow sculptures, which are a remembrance of the innocence, harmony, and purity, that living beings are born with. The purest and freest of beings get hard wired into self-complicated and constructed …

The Sisters in Conversation- 2

The sculpture “Sisters in Conversation” is inspired by the heroines of Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth”. The three sisters have no physical solidity whatsoever; with only their hoods and cloaks visible they contain inside a hollow emptiness, and yet they evoke a

Wish Tree

Sonal and Nikhil’s installation piece “Wish Tree” is made out of junk cycle parts, objects which had once completely lost its momentum but is now back in motion in a new form. The piece aims to capture the continuous motion