Aayi, Aba, Baba, Varad, Aaji (Devanagiri Script)
Year: 2013
Medium: Stainless Steel
Size: 36 x 96 inches
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

Dharmendra’s work is inspired by nature, and probes the collective harmony as well as the particular individuality that exists in the natural world. He aims to create a journey of experiencing and re-experiencing a situation or emotion which formulates his response to internal and external events. While practising at Space118, the basis for his research was art and science of education (pedagogy). This installation is a result of his interaction with the parents of his students and about how children identify objects with all five senses and express it in their own way.

About Artist

Dharmendra studied at L. S. Raheja School of Art and attained a D.P. Ed. from the J. J. School of Art. He has held a solo show at the Marathe Art Gallery (2009) and has participated in group shows at the Bajaj Art Gallery (2003) and Jehangir Art Gallery (2011). During a previous residency at Sandarbh, Rajasthan, his work took a paradigmatic shift from the realm of academic art to the realm of Folk Art.

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Aayi, Aba, Baba, Varad, Aaji (Devanagiri Script)
  • Dimensions
    36 x 96 inches