Purvai Rai
404 Error, Place Of Worship Not Found (1)
Year: 2020
Medium: Pencil and Ink on Rice Paper
Size: 14.5 X 20 Inches
Image Courtesy: Purvai Rai
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

This artwork is from Purvai’s series “404 Error. Place of Worship not Found – CLAIMING SPACES.                                                                                                                                           “The 404 error, Place of worship not found message is my response, as an artist, to the CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh, the Delhi Riots and finally the Lockdown due to COVID – 19 pandemic. The year 2019 ended with many (yet minorities) coming together to claim India as their nation. 2020 began with violence breaking out in the name of religion rooted within ‘spaces’. The ‘space’ in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh was given to building of the Ram temple. Ironically the entire nation (practitioners of every religion) went under lockdown. Every religious community was confined to their homes, and rituals were being practiced in ‘private spaces’. While all ‘public spaces’ were empty, there was no one to own them, no one to claim them. Claiming spaces—speaks to networks of communities that are driven by their religious and cultural beliefs—indicatingthat the humane browser was not able to communicate with their given server. The human server is a program run by the various environmental factors, family, friends, politics, economics and currently, most effectively Religion. When a person is required to respond to a request/stimuli from the environment, such as either uniting or dividing, the program’s only responses are acceptance, rejection or ignorance. This body of work uncovers the human server which was found and reveals its code. Finally the server goes searching back to retrieve and revive the broken fabric of society.” 

This artwork description has been sourced from Purvai Rai. 

About Artist

Purvai Rai studied at Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, Bangalore. She is a graphic designer, textile designer and multimedia artist whose work revolves around stories, memories, and identity; social inclusion is driven practice. She works with natural materials like jute, cotton, and yarn which acts as a medium of storytelling in her artwork, as layers of fibers uncover personal narratives that hoard with the passing of time. She believes that much like a photograph, a piece of fabric also captures the essence of many moments in our life. For her clothing is a significant element that we use to express our personal, cultural, social and historical beliefs. Her work ranges from publication design, fine art, collaging, and textile art. As a graduate student, she has explored different forms of visual arts and continues to do so in all her works.

This artist bio has been sourced from Art Alive Gallery.

404 Error, Place of Worship Not Found (1)
404 Error, Place Of Worship Not Found (1)
  • Dimensions
    14.5 X 20 Inches