A Chapter
Year: 2016
Medium: Crushed dry leaf casting over paper structure and clear acrylic coat for preservation
Size: 23 x 14 x 17.5 Inches
Edition: 1st of 2
Available: No

Artwork Description

Silky expresses that the relating events from life to the built and natural environments around her are a constant non-deliberate process for her. With a prominent change in life, the falling of a leaf was synonymous and the understanding of chapters in life and the underlying complexities of simplest of realities became deeper. The act of crushing leaves and bonding them together to form a shape takes inspiration from the complexity and amalgamation of various chapters that come together to make me feel one.

About Artist

Silky Arora attained her Bachelor in Design (2008) from NIFT, Bangalore along with a CME (2012) from IICD, Jaipur. Raised in New Delhi Silky’s creative instincts lead her to educational and professional choices in design and craft endeavours. Silky has experience in designing commercial interiors and art installations including public art installations at Delhi Airport. She then spent some time in skill exploration and creation of handmade utility products. Currently, she is involved in research and development for a self-initiated art project. The project involves NCR based traditional craft practices and relates to contemporary environmental and social form of art. A nature lover, Silky finds interest in Eco-Friendly initiatives and believes in up cycling waste.

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A Chapter
  • Dimensions
    23 x 14 x 17.5 Inches