Year: 2010
Medium: Digital Print on Photographic Paper
Size: 48 x 18 inches
Available: No

Artwork Description

Kapadia is interested in constructing formal experiments to create interesting visual vocabulary.

The Basket is Expressive typography based on rhyme:

tisket         a
a                 letter
tasket        to
a                 my
green         love
and            and
yellow       put
basket       in
wrote        my

How to read: The alphabets alternate in colour. For example, in the word ‘tisket’, if the ‘t’ is green, the ‘I’ will be yellow and the ‘s’ will be green and so on.

About Artist

Ayesha studied at Jai Hind College and attained a B.F.A from Rachana Sansad College in Mumbai. She recently created an installation work for the Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai and has conducted workshops in Typography at Rachana Sansad College. Ayesha has been the recipient of the CAG Award in Typography, The Vignette (2011), and has won the second position at the Mumbai University Youth Festival (2009).

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  • Dimensions
    48 x 18 inches