Ceiling Of City
Year: 2019
Medium: Stone and collected worker’s tools
Size: 50 X 32 X 19 Inches
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

Debi’s art practice is based on material without any prejudice. Mediums enter his work according to their suitability. His experience with the place forms the core ideal of his material expression. Materials are non- specific, mostly collected from various locations. Debi’s visual expression will be formed on the basis of the history of the place as collected by the locals with the history of his own civilization.

About Artist

Debiprasad received his B.F.A in Modelling and Sculpture, Govt. College Of Arts, Kolkata (2012-2016), he also pursued M.F.A in Sculpture, College Of Art, New Delhi, (2017-2018). He has been exhibiting annually from 2012-2015, Govt. College Of Art, Kolkata. Debiprasad has had group exhibitions at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi (2016), Annual exhibitions at Academy of Fine Arts and State Academy, Kolkata (2016), group show at Kalakriti art Gallery, Hyderabad. Debiprasad has had his collection of works displayed at The Reserve Bank Of India, Mumbai (2017) and Pune Biennale, (2017).

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Ceiling Of City
  • Dimensions
    50 X 32 X 19 Inches