Dashrath Patel
Medium: Paper on Plywood
Size: 12 X 12 Inches
Edition: 1/15
Image Courtesy: Saloni Doshi
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

Patel’s artistic endeavors encompass a multiplicity of styles, techniques and mediums. His creative output traverses disparate disciplines. A constant preoccupation in his work is the interrelation of light and color. Through all his shifts of style and medium, this investigation has remained central to his art. For Patel, it becomes importantly enmeshed in the construction of a uniquely Indian aesthetic. “Our whole Indian palette has this ability to receive and then release light. It was designed to interact with the sun… The Indian color sensitivity grew out of a tremendous understanding between landscape and light.” His works bring together the multiple facets of Indian culture, old and new, urban and rural, as their vivid, multiple hues reflect the manifold instances of color in Indian society.

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About Artist

Patel practiced in diverse art fields as a painter, ceramist, a graphic designer, industrial design and exhibition design. Early in his career he was contemporary of Tyeb Mehta, M.F. Hussain and V. S. Gaitonde who were together in the 1950s in Bhulabhai Desai Institute, Mumbai, and often exhibited alongside them. Later Henri Cartier-Bresson introduced him to photography, after former visited his exhibition at the Galerie Barbizon, Paris. He remained the secretary of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad for its first 20 years, from 1961, he also established the ceramics department at the institute. He resigned from NID in 1981 disillusioned, and went on to establish the Rural Design School in Sewapuri, near Varanasi.

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  • Dimensions
    12 X 12 Inches