Diptych 2
Year: 2015
Medium: Black and white print on photographic paper
Size: 41 x 30 inches
Edition: 1 of 7
Available: No

Artwork Description

Each of Aditi’s works starts with a philosophical question; the creative process is her analysis of all sides of the argument. The final product, if any, is the answer she arrives at; intended to be present, as another question to the spectator. In the age of the internet, social media has become a performance art medium for everyone with a smartphone .Art has become less about the product an artist makes, and more about the lifestyle the artist lives. Her work explores the philosophical questions of everyday lifestyle as art.

Diptych 2 is made from found imagery in fashion magazines.

About Artist

Aditi is currently pursuing her BFA in Fine Arts from the Paris College of Art. (2015-2020). She has exhibited her works namely; Water Ritual (performance), Tsunami (performance), Fuck Jacket (fashion item) in the year 2017 in Paris. She has also collaborated with Yazmeen Baz for a performance in Paris (2017). She has featured her works such as The Death of Old Art (2018), Makeup ritual (2018), Rosque Untitled Zine (2018) and Death Mask (2017) for Instagram. She has also worked as Art Director (2018).

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Diptych 2
  • Dimensions
    41 x 30 inches