Year: 2017
Medium: Gold Flakes, Coal Tar, Clove Oil, Chrome Pigment, Aluminium, Silver Flakes, Circuit Board, Earthy Materials, Soil, Crystal Powder, Silicon, Copper, Ink , Graphite On Paper
Size: 48 X 36 Inches
Edition: Unique
Available: No

Artwork Description

In my works, I have tried to create an idealistic atmosphere; a certain energy which helps in inventing a bigger source of energy. Fragments of this paintings have developed through a drawing. Following it up with is coating surfaces with organic deposits, with multiple layers of coal tar compound and ink on it. The process end with Patina treatment and with application of Gold and Silver which constantly keeps me rooted with the existential past. As I am very close to a phenomenological account of the temporality of permanent memory as I work. Experience and time are visible brush marks. A metaphorical connotation layered in history, myth and stories, hidden and revealed with paper layers. By structuring the fractals and reorganizing them mathematically into another structure, was in a way similar to how a haiku is formed; one recognizes words as more though often loosely translated, which somewhere resembles a bigger picture- evoking the images of the natural world. With the help of mathematical theorems and scientific theories, I have tried to show a conversation about a fleeting moment involving nature in today’s busy world.

About Artist

Radhika attained her B.F.A in Painting from M.S.U. Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, India (2014) and M.F.A in Painting (Mural Design) from M.S.U. Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, India (2016). She also has a Bachelors Degree in Film Making from Maya Academy of Advance Cinematics, Baroda, Gujarat (2010). She has participated in several group shows at Teaser, Faculty Gallery, M.S.U. Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, India (2016), Dumas Art Project, VR Mall, Surat (2016) and Thumbnails, Faculty Gallery, M.S.U. Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, India (2014). She was awarded the Nasreen Mohamedi Scholarship in her 3rd year B.F.A. from M.S.U. Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda (2013).

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  • Dimensions
    48 X 36 Inches