Emerging Through
Year: 2012
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Size: 5.5 x 5 inches
Available: No

About Artist

Neha did her Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts, Printmaking from M.S University, Baroda. She also has a Diploma in Fine Arts specializing in Drawing and Painting from C.N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad. She won the 48th Gujarat State Lalitkala Award for Printmaking in 2008. She has also participated in the 8th World Original Etching Triennial Chamalieres and VII Biennale Internationale de la Gravure d’Ile-de-France to name a few. Neha’s works capture the co-existence of delicate natural life and the harsh concrete jungle. Plants, birds and all of nature survive resiliently in our crumbling environment, is what Neha feels.

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Emerging Through
  • Dimensions
    5.5 x 5 inches