Garden, Red Rain
Year: 2018
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: Variable Dimensions
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

Each of Aditi’s works starts with a philosophical question; the creative process is her analysis of all sides of the argument. The final product, if any, is the answer she arrives at; intended to be present, as another question to the spectator. In the age of the internet, social media has become a performance art medium for everyone with a smartphone .Art has become less about the product an artist makes, and more about the lifestyle the artist lives. Her work explores the philosophical questions of everyday lifestyle as art.

Garden, 2016

This is an abstract expressionist piece created with monotypes of bold shapes and forms. It is meant to depict a garden in an abstract form.

Red rain, 2018

This is an abstract expressionist piece made with leftover red paint and a found canvas.

About Artist

Aditi is pursuing her B.F.A from the Paris College of Art, Paris, France (2015-2020). Her performances ‘water ritual’ and ‘tsunami’ were exhibited at the Paris College of Art, Paris (2017). She is currently working on an art research project entitled “hypnos” where she will explore the subject of metamorphosis in the contemporary world, and sleep as a site for subconscious metamorphosis in humans.

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Garden, Red Rain
  • Dimensions
    Variable Dimensions