Half Past Noon, We’re Halfway There
Year: 2018
Medium: Acrylics on black cardstock paper
Size: 33.3 x 24 INCHES
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

About this piece, the artist writes, “Distances that separate us. For as long as we have belonged together, our bodies entwined, we never knew how miles apart we were all this while.”

About Artist

Rithika is currently pursuing contemporary art practices at Srishti School of Art, Bengaluru. Her work relies strongly on creating poetically idiosyncratic visual narratives in all forms and mediums of art. She has earlier worked as an artist and graphic designer for a streetwear startup called Strey and also collaborated as an artist with Art in Transit, Bangalore for three public art projects which included two mural based works and one performance. She also worked on American hip hop artist Sean Cassidy’s upcoming album cover ‘Prince Cassidy’. The mediums she often works with are painting, cut & paste collages, Polaroid photography and stop motion collage animations. She currently lives and works in Bengaluru, India.

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Half Past Noon, We’re Halfway There
  • Dimensions
    33.3 x 24 INCHES