Ideal Home II
Year: 2019
Medium: Intaglio Print on paper
Size: 31 X 22 Inches
Edition: 3 of 4
Image Courtesy: Savitha Ravi
Image Copyright: Savitha Ravi
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

This work is a part of a series called “ THE IDEAL HOME”. 


What is an ideal home? We shift from one place to another, we plan the new home. Everyone has a dream house which in a way is an ideal home for them. That dream house has details, very minute details. Each time a person moves his/her house or even renovates,

little by little they try to bring in the elements of their dream house into reality, hoping one day the existing house will turn into the ideal home. Nobody is ever satisfied with what they have, they want more….. Wanting more is the reason for development. Each day the things in wanting more list grows and each day some of the things are achieved from the list.


For me, place is something which remains for a longer time frame and the architecture of that specific space has so many significant numbers of stories to delineate for, past about the creation of it, the story of how we are identified with it, the way we relate to it and how our observations changes with different places. Development of a place influences our life on the everyday bases to which we adjust and change to our very own personal comforts. My work is about the creation of space. Through my works, I intend to represent a specific ordeal or memory associated with that place, space and at a specific time.

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About Artist

Savitha completed her Bachelor’s from M. S. University in Painting with a minor in Graphics (2013-2017) and her Post Graduation from M. S University with a Major in Graphic Arts (2017-2019). She has been a part of Group Shows at the Faculty Gallery, M.S.U, Vadodara (2017, 2019) and has attended various workshops with Arpan Mukherjee, Hanuman Kambli (2018), Walter D’souza (2018), Nicholas Hill (2018), Rahul Bhattacharya (2017) and many more. Savitha currently is an artist in Studio at Priyasri Art Studios, Vadodra and artist in residence at Space Studios Baroda.

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Savitha Ravi
Ideal Home II
  • Dimensions
    31 X 22 Inches