Khoj Portfolio
Year: 2015
Medium: Set of 12 Photographs
Size: 16 X 20 Inches
Edition: 19 OF 25
Image Courtesy: KHOJ
Image Copyright: KHOJ

Artwork Description

Saloni Doshi’s Collection also contains the Khoj Portfolio titled “A Gift for Khoj”

This portfolio contains 12 works by Amar Kanwar, Anay Mann, Anita Dube, Atul Bhalla, Avinash Veeraraghavan, Ayisha Abraham, Bani Abidi, Gigi Scaria, Ram Rahman, Raqs Media Collective, Surekha, Vivan Sundaram.

About Artist

KHOJ began as a proposition. A space for artists, run by artists. From its modest beginnings 13 years ago as an annual workshop, it has since grown into an organization that works with, and for, creative practitioners across disciplines.  

The KHOJ Studios, based in Delhi, is a catalyst for innovative practices, where new imaginations engage to create new art practices; where unconventional synapses are forged between art and disciplines such as science, technology, architecture and fashion. It is a place where art practices are de-mystified, and excitement is created around art.  

Today the alumni of KHOJ consists of over 200 Indian and 400 international artists from countries across the globe such as Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Uganda, Kenya, Turkey, Pakistan, Japan, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Korea, the UK, Europe and America.

This description has been sourced from KHOJ.

Khoj Portfolio
Khoj Portfolio
  • Dimensions
    16 X 20 Inches