S. Nandgopal
Year: 2012
Medium: Silver Plated Copper and Braass
Size: 24 X 36 X 2 Inches
Edition: Unique
Image Courtesy: S. Nandgopal
Image Copyright: S. Nandgopal

Artwork Description

Nandagopal’s sculptures have been radically transformed through his use of contemporary materials. A similar transformation is discernible in their content. Although reluctant to speak of the “meaning” of his work, Nandagopal has given his sculpture titles that clearly connect them with some of India’s most ancient images, and yet they are markedly different from the products of the ancient artists’ vision. It is in this difference that their quality lies. Each sculpture gives evidence of a remarkable creative synthesis of ancient forms and themes with modern techniques and sensibility, creating a new mythology as well as a new form that enables us to communicate with and related to a culture remote from us. 
Nandagopal’s series titled ‘Frontal Narrative Sculptures’ consists of vigorous, iridescent bronze and copper sculptures that effortlessly soar into space with all the energy of a traditional piece of South Indian art. The use of commonplace found objects such as ladles, hooks and cleavers lends an interesting whimsical quality to the works. Several figures have been taken from Hindu mythology and the epics, yet the sculptures are far from being provincial or ethnic, being infused by Nandagopal’s modern innovative style.

This artwork description is an excerpt from Saffron Art’s artist page on S Nandgopal.

About Artist

As the son of famed artist, K.C.S Paniker, Nandagopal was raised in an inspiring and creative atmosphere.

Since the 1970s, Nandagopal has exhibited extensively around the world. From Antwerp to Teheran, Nandagopal’s works have found their way into museums and private collections both in Indian and internationally. 2006 sees Nandagopal exhibiting the largest collection of his works at the Singapore Art Museum.

Nandagopal was educated at Madras University’s Loyola College where he graduated with a degree in physics in 1966. Following that, Nandagopal began his training as an artist at the Madras Government College of Arts and Crafts. Working only with metals, mediums rarely utilized in fine art, Nandagopal’s education has enabled him to combine his artistic creativity with the technical complexity required to create his sculptures.

The artist’s exceptional skill and the mastery of his choice of material are evidenced by his numerous awards. His accolades include the 1968 and 1978 Award of the Madras State Lalit Kala Akademi and the 1978 Gold Medal at the IVth Triennale International in New Delhi. Nandagopal was also awarded the Homi Bhabha Fellowship by the Government of India in 1980. Nandgopal passed away on April 14, 2017.

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  • Dimensions
    24 X 36 X 2 Inches