Shumon Ahmed
Manzil 9
Year: 2017
Medium: Print on Baryta Paper
Size: 30 X 30 Inches
Edition: 2 OF 5 + 2AP
Image Courtesy: Shumon Ahmed
Image Copyright: Shumon Ahmed

Artwork Description

The multidisciplinary artist tests the boundaries of different art forms through exploring and fusing the cracks between video, photography, installation, sound, performance and text to conceptualise ideas and stories that are seemingly contradictory, yet profoundly intertwined. His work with the camera and film has also been likened to abstract painting due to his experimental processing techniques with unpredictable results that yield the melancholic, often-blurred images with multiple exposures. 

This artwork description is an excerpt from an article on COBO Social.

About Artist

Shumon Ahmed is a visual artist from Bangladesh, born in Dhaka in 1977. His love for photography began when, as a teenager, he first tried capturing portraits in black and white with a camera borrowed from a friend. He didn’t know then that photography would not only become his passion but also a way of life, a tool of self expression, and an endeavor to capture the exterior and the interior, the visible and the invisible.

In search of a career, Shumon finally realized his vocation as a photographer – this self awareness changed his life. He joined Pathshala, The South Asian Media Academy, where he graduated in Photography in 2009. In spring 2008 he had journied to Denmark on a scholarship to study photojournalism at the preeminent Danish school of Journalism.

His work has run in various print and online publications, as well as being featured as part of Asia’s biggest biennial photo festival, Chobi Mela V, in 2009, and recently being part of a Landmark exhibition at the Whitechapel gallery and Fotomuseum, Winterthur in,” Where Three dreams cross: 150 years of photography from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh”, 2010.

He currently lives in Dhaka and aside from teaching photography at Pathshala he works freelance while exploring the fusion between video and photography to vividly tell stories that are profoundly private and communal at the same time.

This artist bio has been sourced from Shumon Ahmed’s biography on PhotoArts.

Manzil 9
Manzil 9
  • Dimensions
    30 X 30 Inches