Ok Horn Please
Year: 2019
Medium: Clay, newspaper, iron pipe, silk and cotton pillow
Size: 14.5 X 9 X 6 Inches
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

Safa’s work titled ‘Ok Horn Please’ is inspired by her visit to India. The ‘horn’ as an object becomes meaningful when in relation to the space, the environment and the people. According to Safa people in India are always busy and lost in themselves and noise makes them notice their surroundings.  It makes them alert and aware of situations around them. She thinks about what it would be like if nobody honked and there would be no noise and compares that to how impossible it is to even think of the contemporary art world without loud marketing.


Her work is about her belief that ‘a world filled with noise and visual propaganda, is the reason for fading deep attention and cognition.’

About Artist

Safa Hosseini attained her B.A. in sculpture from Tehran University, Tehran Iran (2004) and her M.A. in painting from Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran (2014). She has had several solo exhibitions at Etemad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2016), RIRA Gallery, Dubai, UAE (2014), Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2011), Art Center Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2011), Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2007) and Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2006). She has also been a part of several group exhibitions at Niavaran, Tehran, Iran (2015), Contemporary Art Museum of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran (2015), Galerie Nicolas Flamel, Paris, France (2014), RIRA Gallery, Dubai, UAE (2013), Henna Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2011), Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2011), Iran Museum, Tehran, Iran (2011), The 9th Contemporary Iranian Ceramic Biennial, Semnan, Iran (2009), Saba Cultural and Artistic Center, Tehran, Iran (2007) amongst many others.

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Ok Horn Please
  • Dimensions
    14.5 X 9 X 6 Inches