Pre Inflict Phase 35
Year: 2020-2021
Medium: Leather pasted on board
Size: 18 x 18 x 1 inches
Image Courtesy: Mithun Das
Image Copyright: Mithun Das
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

A certain verbal threat, “Khal  khiche nebo”, insinuates peeling of skin by flogging shadowed by an entire history of acts of penalty that reaches deep into the memory of hierarchic violence. 

The works ideated as ‘Pre Inflict Phase’ will explore this violence on skin itself – those that are torn from the bodies of animals. The leather itself signifies the literal actuation of the verbal threat but here- scraps of leather would become according to Mithun an apt field of his experience and expression. Mithun explains the installation as “Two videos would be displayed – one is the process of raw skin and how the natural shaped raw leather would bring to the fore the allegory that is inherent in the physicality of violence. Here, leather metaphors as skin which bears the first attack of any scars or wound. The skin would itself appear in the space as I intend to put back the violence on its form, through stitching and specifically arbitrary uncontrolled stitching.  I would engage with the stitching act with some cobblers as well as interested audience also.  These stitched leather scraps could be hung in the midst of the space or spread on the floor, there is no limit to the possibilities of its shape or form. 

The other video documentation of cultivated fields, specifically of my hometown would recall the hierarchic violence and the animalistic pursuance of power in relation to land arrogation so rooted in the collective memory from where I belong. 

This artwork description has been sourced from artist Mithun Das.

About Artist

Mithun completed his B. F. A, College of Arts & Draftsmanship (2011) and M. F. A, Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharti University (2014). He has been a part of various group shows like at Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S University (2013), C. N College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad (2013), Shimeesha Art Studio (2014), Mirage Art Gallery, Kolkata (2014), Annual Exhibition at Birla Academy Art & Culture, Kolkata (2014), Jaipur Art Summit 3rd Season (2015), Anubhav, Site Art Space (2016), The Ply Gallery, London (2017), Dhi Artspace, Hyderabad (2017), Studio 21, Kolkata (2017) amongst others. Along with being awarded as Inlaks Fine Arts Award (2016), he has also been awarded at Kalikananda College of Art and Design, West Bengal, (2011), All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (2012) and Annual Birla Academy of Arts and Culture (2013). Mithun has also been a part of various residencies like Space Studios (2017), What about Art? (2017) and Khoj Peers (2015).

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Mithun Das
Pre Inflict Phase 35
  • Dimensions
    18 x 18 x 1 inches