Sonia Jose
Self Portrait (With Closed Pins)
Year: 2009
Medium: Ball Point Pen on Acid Free Paper
Size: 38 X 48 Inches
Image Courtesy: Sonia Jose
Image Copyright: Sonia Jose

Artwork Description

Sonia Jose is interested in working with objects, media and materials that raise questions about issues like value, ownership, identity – both personal and collective -, the past and the present.

This artwork description is an excerpt from blog Happy Famous Artists.

About Artist

Sonia Jose graduated in Fine Art from the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore. Drawing inspiration from everyday life and experiences, Sonia’s art practice relates to the environment and personal/social history. Her work stems from a need to preserve and acknowledge lived experience – she is particularly drawn to the intimate and overlooked circumstances that surround routine life practices. Working with varied media that include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation, she investigates the relationships, exchanges and politics between place, architecture, object and individual. She has held several solo exhibitions in India and exhibited her works nationally and internationally in various biennales and exhibitions. She was awarded the Robert Bosch Art Grant for her art project ‘A place called home’ in 2009. Being interested in pedagogy as an extension of her practice, since 2012 she took courses and workshops at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology and currently at Lisaa School of Design, Bangalore. She has also conducted several art workshops for children at the British Council. Having trained for several years as a competitive swimmer, representing the state and the country in various age group swimming competitions, she also practices and teaches swimming whenever she gets a chance, to keep in touch with her love for water. Sonia lives and works in Bangalore, India.

This artist bio has been sourced from TARQ Galleries artist page on Sonia Jose.

Self Portrait (With Closed Pins)
Self Portrait (With Closed Pins)
  • Dimensions
    38 X 48 Inches