Anju Dodiya
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Year: 1998
Medium: Watercolour on Paper
Size: 28 x 41 Inches
Image Courtesy: Anju Dodiya
Image Copyright: Anju Dodiya

Artwork Description

The self is at the center of Anju Dodiya’s works. Though not solipsistic, the majority of her works give the viewer access to private moments, lifted from “the private discourse that goes on within oneself when one is alone”. Dodiya initially resisted the lure of self-portraiture: Her early works were extremely abstract, and following her first show (“a fictional autobiography”), she tried to refocus her gaze on railway stations, roadside scenes, and so forth. Yet ultimately, she found her original impulse of a painterly introspection was the strongest, and rechanneled her vision into describing situations from her life.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Dodiya describes her relationship with contemporary Western art as ambivalent. To her, the practice of conceptual art as seen in India seems more a response to international fashions than an authentic portrayal of the art process. Her own art remains rooted in the figurative, and her debts to the West are mostly to Giotto, Massacio, and other painters of the Italian Renaissance. As with those painters, all elements within her paintings are charged with an emotional value. “Often,” she says, “I use furniture or, say, a curtain or a door to speak”.

This artwork description is an excerpt from Saffron Art’s Artist profile of Anju Dodiya.

About Artist

Anju Dodiya (b) 1964, Mumbai, India completed her B.F.A. Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai in 1986. Her major solo exhibitions include Anju Dodiya, Gallery Chemould, Mumbai, India (1991, 1996, 1999 and 2001); Anju Dodiya, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India (1999); The Cloud Hunt, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India (2005); Anju Dodiya, Bose Pacia, New York (2006); Throne of Frost, Lukshmi Villas palace, Baroda and Bodhi Art, Mumbai, India (2007); All Night I Shall Gallop, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore and Bodhi Art, Mumbai (2008); Necklace of Echoes, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India (2010); Face-off (After Kuniyoshi), Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris, France (2010); Room for Erasures, Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai, India (2012); Imagined Immortals’, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India (2015) & (2018). The artists lives and works in Mumbai.

This artist bio has been sourced from Anju Dodiya’s biography on Gallery Chemould Prescott Road. 

Studio Guests
Studio Guests
  • Dimensions
    28 x 41 Inches