The Color Pink
Year: 2014
Medium: Glossy Print on Non-Tearable PVC
Size: 5 X 5 feet
Edition: Unique
Available: No

Artwork Description

Mohna started this project with the notion of supporting feminism. The idea was to eliminate the typical notion of pink being a feminine colour. With later understanding of gender and gender differences Mohna discovered that feminism as an issue is quite trivial, there is another gender (often called as the third sex) which is completely ignored in all sectors and sections of society, the cause being poorly educated/unaware people who have very petite knowledge about different genders and their sexuality. She speaks about everyone being different and there is no such thing as ‘ NORMAL’. Through the “colour is pink” project she aims at creating gender-neutral spaces in society, achieving gender neutrality.

About Artist

Mohna attained her B.Tech Degree from Gurugobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi (2014) and received a Diploma in Contemporary Art Practices and Visual Communication from Srishthi Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore (2015). In the past, she made a mural in Delhi on Women’s empowerment and freedom for Skilled Pool in February, 2015. She exhibited her first video installation in Bangalore at the Shrishthi Cima Art Gallery in May, 2015. She did a live painting for the blind association of India at Kitsch Mandi in Bangalore in (February), 2016. She has had a few mentions in various Social Media pages like Instagram and Behance. She is currently interning with Home Grown, she is also freelancing for Cupick and Fine Art America. She is mostly focused on manifesting ideas visually through celluloid, illustrations (both hand & digital), videography, wall murals, gifs and photography, she wants to experiment with performance, material and forms in the coming future.

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The Color Pink
  • Dimensions
    5 X 5 feet