Vidha Saumya
The Flowers From Her Hair Kept Falling Till They Could Fall No More. So, They Decided To Walk.
Year: 2011
Medium: Cello Gripper on Chinese Paper
Size: 141.5 Cm X 68 Cm
Image Courtesy: Vidha Saumya
Image Copyright: Vidha Saumya

Artwork Description

Vidha Saumya’s suite of drawings, ‘Love Charades’, revel in a volumetrics of exaggeration. Her women protagonists literally let themselves go, their bodies ballooning into massive gargantuan forms. They laugh, flirt, mount each other, hold the moon, scream, fly, freeze into a limbo. But this hyperbolic charade is not presented in the realist or hyperrealist style of the day. Instead, it is stylised into a sumptuous sensorial feast produced through the use of an elegant, almost calligraphic line. A darkly gorgeous pattern marks each body as it rises and ebbs in a sea of flesh. But the skin of these bodies is like porcelain, bleached of colour and light: the massive shapes that it encases writhe before our eyes, and yet appear as though they have been embroidered from thin air. 
The women’s bodies in ‘Love Charades’ inherit a hybrid lineage. To name just a few of the presences that we may discern in Saumya’s figuration: these bodies owe to Rubens their voluptuous, hanging love handles; to the Kalighat paintings, the shaded body contours to enhance volume; to Botero, their conspicuous fat; to the ukiyo-e artist Kunisada, the pumped-up, Sumo-wrestler look, displaying the paradoxical tension between heaviness and lightness. But sometimes, the eye wanders away from the theatricality of the performance and settles on the volumetric fact of abstract piles of bodies inflated to the maximum. One is led into a reverie around the body, as it ceases to be the vessel of an individual human subject, and becomes instead a symbol of humankind in extreme states of various kinds, whether abject or delirious.

This artwork description is an excerpt from “Love Charades” an exhibition at Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke by Vidha Saumya.

About Artist

Vidha Saumya is a Helsinki based Artist-Poet whose body of works – Monumental Drawings, Intimate Mark-makings, Murals, Books, Poems, Sculptures, Embroidered Textiles, Food Art, Videos, and Digital Artifacts – are wry and warm in their politics and kaleidoscopic in their aesthetics. The concept of Heimat / (Home)land is at the core of her praxis. Brought up in a cultural milieu of rooted locality and enabling Internationalism, Vidha Saumya has studied visual arts in Mumbai, Lahore, Bengaluru and Helsinki, held exhibitions in Helsinki, Tampere, Delhi, Mumbai, Lahore and received grants and residencies from significant institutions in Finland and Northamptonshire (UK). Living and working in Helsinki, she is one of the founding members of Museum of Impossible Forms, and currently divides her time between Europe and India. She received a BA in Painting from Sir J.J School of art in Mumbai, and a Masters in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art from Aalto University in Helsinki.

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The Flowers From Her Hair Kept Falling Till They Could Fall No More. So, They Decided to Walk.
The Flowers From Her Hair Kept Falling Till They Could Fall No More. So, They Decided To Walk.
  • Dimensions
    141.5 Cm X 68 Cm