Karishma D'Souza
The Village
Year: 2009
Medium: Water Colours
Size: 5 X 7 Inches
Image Courtesy: Karishma D'Souza
Image Copyright: Karishma D'Souza

Artwork Description

Inspired by the cultural context of her childhood, D’Souza creates narratives in her paintings that draw on Sufi poetry, creating flat surfaces of brightly coloured landscapes. Her work also draws on the production of Rajasthani miniatures, replicating the meticulous fine brushstrokes of the craftsmen on an expanded scale, lending her work a graphic quality. D’Souza often creates numerous scenes on a single canvas, offering multi-dimensional responses to memories and experiences. 

Her tranquil landscapes are often unpopulated or depict a single person consumed within the landscape. D’Souza uses the figures she creates as witnesses of memories, both imagined and real. Introspective figures appear simultaneously surrounded and detached from their landscape, lending the works a sense of longing. D’Souza does not use shadows in her work, rather she explores the presence of light figuratively and metaphysically. As such, she examines universal questions of lived experience in relation to the divine and the exploration of basic truths. 

D’Souza also uses light metaphorically to reveal the cultural and political contexts of a country undergoing rapid growth and change. In the early 2000s, a marketing campaign under the banner ‘India Shining’ expressed the sense of economic development and optimism in the country. D’Souza produced a number of works in response to this, in which she empties the canvas of colour, using a darker palette to critique the underlying effects of this phenomenon, which ignored the realities of economic development in a society structured by a strict caste system. 

Rather than simply offering a critique, D’Souza aims to sublimate the contemporary political and social climate through transforming her landscapes into fantasised scenes in which the figure is given the opportunity to explore memory and experiences. Though she aims at creating tranquil scenes, D’Souza introduces tensions into her work through the contrasting of bright colours allowing for the viewer to question supposed realities

This artwork description is an excerpt from Karishma D’Souza’s page on Huxley Parlour.

About Artist

Karishma D’Souza (b.1983, Mumbai, India) lives and works in Goa (IN). She studied Painting at Goa University and holds a Master of Visual Arts from the University of Baroda.

 In 2012-2013 she was an artist in Residence at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam (NL) and more recently, in 2017, she did an artist residency at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine (USA). Awards include the Inlaks Fine Art Award (2011), the Smt. Gopicabai V. Dempo Memorial Prize and the Manguesh Kenkre Memorial Award (both 2004), and the Raoji.V.Gaonkar Memorial Prize (2000).

 Recent exhibitions include shows at institutions such as: Fundaçao Oriente of Fine Arts (Goa), Atelier Concorde (Lisbon), Dapiran Art Project Space (Amsterdam), Fondation of the India of Arts (Bangalore), Galerie Xippas (Paris). Her works are represented in the following collections: Art Collection Chadha (KRC) (NL), Central Museum of Utrecht (NL) and the Rijksakademie Van Beel- dende Kunsten (NL).

This artist bio has been sourced from Baronian Xippas press release for Karishma D’Souza’s exhibition “Midway Mark”.

The Village
The Village
  • Dimensions
    5 X 7 Inches