Tiring Day At The Theatre (Green Room)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 60 X 72 Inches
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

Shailee’s work addresses the idea of space, time and memory using constructivist techniques such as collage and photomontage. Her artistic practice is currently a multidisciplinary exploration of the idea of home, belonging and displacement. Grounded in her understandings of dystopia , her practice has found an autobiographical facet within the ideas of time and space she has been dealing with and formally speaking, she explores questions of the unfamiliarity with the familiar and everyday contradictions. In accordance with her medium, she is interested in the edges a mundane moment shares with its potential reality of being much more complex. She wants to use connotations of incomprehension attached to time and space and juxtapose them with the ordinaries of life. The decisions she makes regarding the compositional layering of her images, adding and subtracting to create a synergy of elements are significant to the phenomenology of juxtaposition. They suggest the multiplicity of a certain moment, the unreal qualities of the reality we live in, helping her form her own.

At the moment she is researching the notions of surreality in domesticity. Through her medium and content, she wishes to create a sense of unreal nostalgia and introduce the viewer to the weight of relived memories. She is  interested in the way comfort, fond memories and contentment can share a boundary with uneasiness and destructiveness, making them a failed utopia.

About Artist

Shailee Mehta graduated with a Diploma from the University of Arts, London in 2016 and will be receiving her BFA degree from The Slade School of Fine Art, London in 2020. She has had a solo exhibition at The Dally College, India in 2016 and has been a part of a group show at Hoxtan Arches Gallery, London in 2017. Shailee assisted Nikhil Chopra and attended a residency at HH Art Space Goa, India in 2017.

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Tiring Day At The Theatre (Green Room)
  • Dimensions
    60 X 72 Inches