Purvai Rai
Trailing Threads (Grey Scale)
Year: 2018
Medium: Thread Wrapping on Wooden and Steel Frame
Size: 68 X 29.5 Inches
Edition: Unique
Image Courtesy: Purvai Rai
Image Copyright: Purvai Rai

Artwork Description

Purvai Rai is a graphic designer, textile designer and multimedia artist whose work revolves around stories, memories, and identity; social inclusion is driven practice. She works with natural materials like jute, cotton, and yarn which acts as a medium of storytelling in her artwork, as layers of fibers uncover personal narratives that hoard with the passing of time. She believes that much like a photograph, a piece of fabric also captures the essence of many moments in our life. For her clothing is a significant element that we use to express our personal, cultural, social and historical beliefs. Her work ranges from publication design, fine art, collaging, and textile art. As a graduate student, she has explored different forms of visual arts and continues to do so in all her works.

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About Artist

I am an information and graphic designer, textile designer and a multimedia artist. My work ranges from publication design, fine art, collaging, and textile art, which comes to life from context-based research and social inclusion.
I graduated from Srishti Institute for Art, Design, and Technology in 2017 with a major in Information Art and Information Design Practices.
In 2015, I co-founded a photography magazine; Creative Image Magazine, which was dedicated towards building a network between the artists, artworks, and viewers on varying subjects by bridging the gap between experts and non-experts.
I have been closely working with different communities, particularly with children and artisans, to share their stories using different mediums and create contemporary products as an outreach program.
In 2018, I founded a startup, ArtCurate, that focuses on the creative and cultural industry to safeguard creative practices and expressions. In 2019 Lakshmi Narayanan joined my venture as a co-founder.
Along with ArtCurate as my main focus, I continue to explore different mediums in all my artworks that revolve around textiles encapsulating different layers of stories, memories, and identity.

I am currently represented as an artist by Art Alive Gallery based out of Delhi.

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Trailing Threads (Grey Scale)
Trailing Threads (Grey Scale)
  • Dimensions
    68 X 29.5 Inches