Parul Gupta
Untitled 1 To 9
Year: 2013
Medium: Digital Prints on Acid Free Paper
Size: 11.33 X 8.26 Inches Each
Edition: 1 OF 5
Image Courtesy: Parul Gupta
Image Copyright: Parul Gupta

Artwork Description

“Extending The Line” started in 2013 while on a residency in Mumbai. It started with an encounter of lines, forms, gradation and shapes, which build up to certain composition through pure interaction between structural elements in the space and daylight and time. While making these, certain question like “what is drawing?” started to occur. Does the medium define a drawing or other elements like line, form, shade, structure defines drawing? These are compositions constructed by light in a particular space at a particular time added with conscious awareness to look at them as drawings. The interest in these lines and forms also raised the question of presence and absence/ real and unreal. The photographs are not suggesting much about the built environment but highlighting the construction of forms and tonal variations, which seems to get visually constraint, resulting empty space around the composition. 

This formed next extension where the empty space in the new composition gave space to the lines in the photographs to extend and move beyond the frame, and thus responsive drawing coming in. This is also important as what the space of the paper means in context of other spatial explorations. 

This work partially/ collectively was further composed in different spaces. Further extension of the line from paper in space was a response to “how space produces modes of thinking around drawing”. 

This work is in continuous process of exploring the parameters of space – the physical space – the space of the paper – and again extending to the physical space. 

This artwork description has been sourced from the artists website.

About Artist

Parul Gupta, born in 1980, holds a B.Com from Delhi University and received an M.F.A. from Nottingham Trent University. She has exhibited at solo shows at the India Habitat Centre (2012), and has participated in multiple group shows, including Khoj International Artist’s Association (2013), Cona Alternative Space (2013), and the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (2011). Parul Gupta lives and works in Noida, UP.

Untitled 1 to 9
Untitled 1 To 9
  • Dimensions
    11.33 X 8.26 Inches Each