Untitled 4
Year: 2016
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 30 X 30 inches
Edition: Unique
Available: No

Artwork Description

Nandita’s artwork is based on the human’s psyche of constantly questioning everything and anything. In this painting the faceless head explains how one is not sure of their identity. Why, where and what are the questions always asked to one’s self. As the face appears to be fading in or out depending on one’s perspective, it validates the mind’s complications on insecurities and individuality.

About Artist

Nandita is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Arts Practices from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. She studied Sculpture with Mahendra Kadhia in Ahmadabad (2012) and had completed an apprenticeship with Piraji Sagara in 2004 to 2011. She has written and had published a photographic book titled “The City of Pseudo” for Srishti School. Nandita has worked alongside Mural team for Socials headed by street artist Daku, in Bangalore (2014) and has worked in Sonic Beams with Dr. Kathy Kaine during the Kochi Bienalle held in Kochi (2015). She has also been a part of the design team for the Experimenta Fim Festival held in Bangalore (2016).

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Untitled 4
  • Dimensions
    30 X 30 inches