Untitled 3
Year: 2014
Medium: Graphite, Watercolour and Gouache on Handmade Paper
Size: 30 x 22 inches
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

Daniel’s “Untitled” works are an undiluted and primitive form of expression- an instinctual reflection taken from memories and feelings from his time spent in Mumbai.

About Artist

Daniel Blumberg is a self-taught artist and musician, who has toured around the world and has released 6 records to widespread critical acclaim. Daniel’s visual work has been published in small edition books as well as existing side by side with his music: on record sleeves, posters and during live performances. He works between the island of Sanday (Orkney) and London’s Cafe Oto.

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Untitled 3
  • Dimensions
    30 x 22 inches