Medium: Digital Print on Archival Paper
Size: 5 X 6 Inches
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

The way Kavya practices drawing in a sketchbook, is the same way she prefers to produce visuals in commonly used gadgets such as phone, camera and editing software that mainly act as add-ons. Photography for her is not about capturing the beauty of a moment; rather it is about a statement, utterance of the reality or may be to strengthen her argument on easy but complicated things of an Indian society.

Present visuals are photographed and processed in accordance with the vision of her opinion towards the irony of fragile, simplified objects as a symbol of human figuration, accidents and experiences. These aspects hover her whenever she tries to interpose between the relation of places, people, relations, things and their thought process. It makes her focus particularly on the message of the moment; leading her to the direction of ‘single focus on flat backgrounds’. Somewhere, her visuals and title comment on the improvisation of ourselves!

Similarly, her printmaking works also deal with minimalism and sarcasm.

About Artist

Kavya has done her B.V.A. Fine arts from Maharaja Saiyajirao Gaikwad University, Vadodara, India(2016). She is also finished her M.V.A. in print making from MSU Vadodara, India (2018). Kavya has exhibited her work in a solo show at Colour Kalrav, Rajkot, India (2014). She’s also been a part of a group show at NGMA, New Delhi, India (2018), The Macau print making triennial, Macau, China(2018).

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  • Dimensions
    5 X 6 Inches