Madhao Imartey
Year: 2004
Medium: Watercolour on Paper
Size: 9 X 6.5 Inches
Image Courtesy: Madhao Imartey
Image Copyright: Madhao Imartey

Artwork Description

Madhao Imartey paints the contemporary urban life, which isn’t surprising considering the artist lives in Mumbai. Art reflects life, the zeitgeist of Imartey’s paintings is the objects of daily life. Imartey imbues these with a character rather representing them as mere ‘still life’ paintings. His engagement is not mere the plastic considerations of the subject – which most of still painters are associated with when looks at still life’s as a genre of painting. Imartey zeroes in on the objects, machines and products, and infuses them with human characteristics, it is as the objects are breathing with a life of their own and have traits and personalities. While doing so he gives them human like qualities, which make them into portraits rather than ‘still life’Imartey isolates his subjects they speak for themselves rather than the actions they perform. The objects are animated and exuberant, at times dancing to the tunes of their creator or asserting their presence by flexing their muscles.

This artwork description is an excerpt from Saffron Art’s artist page on Madhao Imartey.


About Artist

Madhao Imartey is a prolific painter and an established art critic born in Nagpur in 1953. He completed his G.D. Art (Drawing & Painting), 1979 from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Indian Vocal Music from Mumbai University, 1994 before going on to earning a Master degree in Fine Arts in Indian Vocal Music from Mumbai University, 1996. Imartey had a solo shows at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai and has participated in numerous group shows at Gallery Threshold, Delhi; Gallery Espace, Delhi; Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai; Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai amongst others. The artist lives and works in Mumbai.

This artist bio has been sourced from the The Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation .

  • Dimensions
    9 X 6.5 Inches