Hrushikesh Biswal
Year: 2007
Medium: Etching
Size: 23 X 16 Inches
Edition: AP
Image Courtesy: Hrushikesh Biswal
Image Copyright: Hrushikesh Biswal

Artwork Description

Hrusikesh Biswal’s work emphasize a solid tangible form. There is a crude explanation of love and relationship which are self contradictory but his pictures yet disclose harmony, sometimes with soft fluffed up surfaces and another time with bright tones.

This artwork description has been sourced from Priyasri Art Gallery.

About Artist

Hrusikesh Biswal, a young Artist from Orissa, who studied at the Baroda school of Art. His works have been collected by major auction houses like Osians and serious Art aficionados.

This artist bio has been sourced from Priyasri Art Gallery.

  • Dimensions
    23 X 16 Inches