Vegetable Scrap
Year: 2019
Medium: Ball point pen on cartridge paper
Size: 8.3 X 11.7 Inches (each)
Image Courtesy: Snigdha Tiwari
Image Copyright: Snigdha Tiwari
Available: Yes

Artwork Description

Snigdha`s practice engages with her immediate surroundings. Starting with the idea of ‘being in space’, what has charged her work extensively is the domestic space.

The place for the happiest conversations is the kitchen. This is where we think about our self as well as others self. Our family’s health- of the mind and the body.

Snigdha says, “These drawings are a record of keeping the kitchen (almost like a forensic excavation). Amongst the activities of the everyday, the waste is one of the constants that changes. Vegetable scrap contains a story of its past in its present. It is the residue of the thoughts of the cook, the taste of the family members, the vegetation of the land and the narration of the abstraction generated in the mind while using the knife.”

The residue almost floats like an abstract form in the universe. It is always around either in the form of new vegetation or as soil. The waste from her kitchen takes the shape of abstract molecules to become food again.

The artwork description has been sourced from Artist Snigdha Tiwari

About Artist

Snigdha completed her Bachlor’s from College of Art, Delhi (2017) and her M.V. A in Painting from M. S University, Baroda (2019). Snigdha has exhibited at Art Asia, South Korea (2018).

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Snigdha Tiwari
Vegetable Scrap
  • Dimensions
    8.3 X 11.7 Inches (each)