Sheikh Azgar ALi
Wage Series 4
Year: 2020
Medium: Mild Steel
Size: 14 X 10 Inches
Edition: Unique
Image Courtesy: Sheikh Azgar ALi
Image Copyright: Sheikh Azgar ALi

Artwork Description

In his current practice as a sculptor, he is trying to achieve forms that are minimal in structure, yet have a pertinent geometrical language, which lets him place his critique of the way, society looks at labour, labourers, and the human cost of the skills they possess.

About Artist

Shaik Azgharali (b. 1985/Andhra Pradesh/India) has studied his BFA from Andhra
University, Vishakhapatnam, 2009 and his Masters in Sculpture from Kala Bhavan,
Santiniketan, 2011. He has participated in various shows in India and abroad, mostly in
South Korean Galleries, and has attended many camps and residencies as well. He has
recently attended Space Studio Sculpture Residency, 2020 in Baroda. He received
Kalasakshi Memorial Trust Award, New Delhi in 2010 and National Scholarship from the
Ministry of Culture, India.
The artist lives and works in Baroda, India.

Wage Series 4
Wage Series 4
  • Dimensions
    14 X 10 Inches