Ayushi Patni

Ayushi Patni

Flower Stamen (male), 2024
Watercolor, gouache and grading paper on fabriano
54 x 56 Inches (55.1 x 57.1 Inches)
Flower Pistils (female), 2024
Watercolor, gouache and grading paper on fabriano paper
50 x 56 Inches (With Frame 51.6 x 57.1)
Neuromicrograph 0.04, 2023
Ink and watercolor on paper
54 X 54 Inches (With Frame 59 x 54.1)

Ayushi Patni (b.1994, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India) completed her MA in Visual Media and Illustration at the London College of Communication, UK, 2018. Her works have been exhibited in solo shows at Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur Art Week, 2024, Fluxus Chapel, Mumbai, 2022 and in group shows at Round Them Oranges, Jaipur, 2024, 2019, Jaipur Art Week: Round Them Oranges, Jaipur, 2021 and London College of Communication, 2018. She has been awarded the GIA National Art Award, Mumbai, 2014 and LaSalle Art Prize, Jaipur, 2011.

Ayushi views art as a conduit for delving into subconscious realms, bridging micro and macrocosmic dimensions. Intrigued by the inner psyche and influenced by Theosophical philosophies, energy systems, and temple architecture, she crafts each artwork as a tool for introspection, inviting viewers to explore the mysteries of their minds and reconnect with cosmic forces. Utilising abstract forms, precision, balance, symmetry, spatial possibilities, vivid palettes, mystical designs, and soulful seeking, Ayushi develops her unique visual language to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the profound aspects within and beyond us. She skillfully juxtaposes architectural and biomorphic elements, creating literal sanctuaries through her art. 

Ayushi Patni lives and works in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Hieroglyphs of the Inner Realm 9, 2024
Gouache on paper on brass
5.9 x 8.2 Inches (Each) Set of 5 (With Frame 14.2 x 38 Inches)